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What are the types of polio?

Type 1, Type 2 and type 3, these three types of polio virus. To prevent polio, people need to be protected from all three types of viruses, and polio vaccination is the best protection. There are two vaccines used to prevent polio, (OPV) Oral polio vaccine and (IPV) inactivated polio virus vaccine.

When was polio first discovered?

Poliomyelitis has occurred around the world for thousands of years. The skeletal formation of the Egyptian skeleton in 3700 BC indicates the impact of polio, as well as the Egyptian plaque in 1300 BC.

Where did polio originally come from?

In 1894, the United States had the first outbreak of polio in Vermont, with 132 cases. In 1908, Karl Landsteiner and Erwin popper identified the virus as the cause of polio by transmitting the disease to monkeys.

Who found polio?

An American Medical researcher and virologist Jonas Edward Salk discovered and developed the vaccines on October 28, 1914, to June 23, 195 for the first time successfully

Why polio vaccine is given orally?

Polio vaccines are known to mimic a humoral immune response tempted by a wild strain of poliovirus transmitted orally. It protects individuals from paralytic polio by preventing the virus from spreading through the bloodstream to the nervous system.

How did polio stop?

polio is totally eliminated in different countries like Europe, USA, and other developed countries, but still, it is present in developing and underdeveloped countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc, which have to be eliminated and stoped. Outlined several key strategies to stop the transmission of polio; high-vaccination of infants with four doses of oral polio vaccine (OPV) in the first year of life in developing and endemic countries and use elsewhere OPV and or IPV are routinely immunized.

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