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What do we mean by society?

Society means a “group of individuals” The individuals living together in one geography which share the norms, values, custom, common culture, social structure and fulfill each other needs and wants.

When society is against you?

There are so many factors like when you disobey the principles of society, any danger to society from you, involved in illegal activities, work again the welfare of people and trying to finish common affairs of society.

Where societieslive?

Societies usually live together in a specified area. The societies form culture that is the set of norms, belief, and values. People living in societies abide by the cultural norms and values.

Who created society?

Humans create a society by sharing social, cultural and religious affairs.The society is the collection of groups of people who form culture to live according to a common set of values, morals and systems.

Why is it important to society?

Society is very important for the individual. Individual depends upon society for his needs and wants because a single person cannot fulfill his needs and wants alone.

How is society formed?

Society is formed by a group of individuals that have common social, cultural, geography or religious affairs.

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